Storefront Stalker PRO Lifetime Access [Extension Only]

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This is for LIFETIME Access to Storefront Stalker PRO. 

Storefront Stalker PRO is a Google Chrome Extension that enables Amazon sellers to easily export ASINs from anywhere on

The Features

  • No longer limited to storefronts. This was the case with the original Storefront SS US and UK. You can get data from any page... Movers and Shakers? Brands? Top categories? YES! All of the above and everything in between. 
  • Expanded the number of results you can export. You can now export up to 400 pages at a time for non storefront pages! Storefronts are still limited to 100 pages as per Amazon TOS.
  • Replaces Original US and UK versions in one extension! You can now use Storefront Stalker PRO as a replacement to either or both of the original releases.
  • Blazing fast! We have timed a 400 page export at under 4 minutes! That is 8,000+ ASINs!

New Feature #1 Not limited to storefronts!

You can now enjoy the same benefits of exporting batches of ASINs, but now on any page you want!

Think of the possibilities...

You can export the movers and shakers...daily deals...category and subcategory... brand... anything you can imagine!

Check out the example below showing how you can export bulk ASINs using a category specific search.

You now have a huge number of ASINs that you can run through Tactical Arbitrage (recommended), OA Xray or Price Checker 2!

Feature #2 Expanded export capabilities (4x!)

Storefronts will only support up to 100 pages, but any other search (like the dog toys in the demo above) can go up to 400 pages at a time!

You will get..

  • Access on unlimited devices (associated with your Gmail email). Use on your desktop, laptop etc.
  • All previous features from Storefront Stalker US. You will simply uninstall the old version and replace it with this. Takes just minutes.
  • The same lightning fast speeds as always. Any size export (up to 400 pages) should take less than 5 minutes!
  • Works with ASINs and ISBNs. While most users utilize the ASIN aspect of the software, you can easily analyze books with Storefront Stalker Pro as well.

Nearly unlimited possibilities! You are no longer limited to just storefronts!

No Refunds

Due to the nature of the software, once it has been installed, there are no refunds. 

NOTE: Storefront Stalker Pro is best when paired with Tactical Arbitrage

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Storefront Stalker PRO Lifetime Access [Extension Only]

18 ratings